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Head of grammar school that excluded weak students suspended

Le 23 novembre 2017, 09:36 dans 教育 0


The headteacher of a leading grammar school which was found to be systematically forcing out A-level students if their grades were not good enough has been suspended pending an investigation by the local authority.

The new chair of governors at St Olave’s grammar school in Orpington, south-east London, confirmed on Thursday that Aydin Önaç had been suspended from all his responsibilities “without prejudice” while the inquiry was under way.

In a statement issued by the diocese of Canterbury, the chair of governors, Dr Paul Wright, said he had been informed that the London borough of Bromley would be conducting an investigation of St Olave’s “in respect of concerns that have been raised over recent weeks”.

In August, the Guardian revealed that sixth-form students at St Olave’s had had their offers of places for the last year of school withdrawn after they failed to get three Bs in their AS-levels. The school was forced to back down and allow excluded pupils back into the school after an outcry from parents who launched legal action against the school, one of the highest achieving state schools in the country.

Wright said the suspension was necessary to “protect the integrity of the investigation”. He went on: “Members of the senior leadership team, along with other senior teachers, will be responsible for the day to day running of the school during Mr Önaç’s absence.”

The statement continued: “Please remember that this suspension is without prejudice and does not presume any particular outcome. We are committed to full transparency and will be cooperating fully with the local authority in this matter.”

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It was the golden season

Le 19 juin 2017, 04:48 dans Humeurs 0

 It was the golden season.I could see the yellow leaves floating on the cool wind.In such a season,I liked walking alone in ehe leaves,listening to the sound of them.

Autumn is a harvest season and life id uninteresting.The free days always get me down.But one day,the sound of a violin flowed into my ears like a stream flowing in the mountains.I was so suprised that I jumped to see what it was.A young girl,standing in the wind,was last in playing her violin.I had never seen her before.The music was so attractive that I listened quietly.Lest in the music,I didn't realize that I had been standing there for so long but my existence did not seem to disturb her.

Leaves were still falling.Every day she played the violin in the corner of the building when I went downstairs to watch her performance.I was the only audience.The autunm seemed no longer lonely and life became interesting.Though we didn't know each other,I thought we were already good friends.I believes she also like me.

Autumn was nearly over.One day,when I was listening devotesly,the sound suddenly stopped.To my astonishment,the girl came over to me.

"You must like violin,"she said.

"Yes.And you play very well.Why did you stop?"I asked.

Suddenly, a sad expression appeared on her face and I could feel something unusual."I came here to see my grandmother.But mow I must leave.I once played very badly.It was your listening every day that encourage me."she said."In face,it was your playing that give me a meaningful autumn."I answered."Let eu be friends."The girl smiled and I smiled.

I never heard the play agin in my life.I no longer went downstairs to listen like before.Only thick leaves were left behind.But I will always remember the fine figure of the girl.She is like adream;so short,so bright,like a shooting star giving off so much light that it makes the autumn beautiful.

There are many kinds of friends.Some are always with you, but don't understand you.Some say only a few words to you,but are chose to you.Many people will step in yur life,but only true friends leave footprints.

I shall always recall the autumn and the girl with the violin.She will always bring back the friendship between us.I know she will slways be my best friend.

what like clouds dance moonlight

Le 23 avril 2017, 07:38 dans Humeurs 0

Who asked me to be glorious, for you concurrency together; who for my affectionate staring, so you a field to the end of time. Past life I for Polar M600 you under the window before a lotus, quietly greeted your eyes, you waved penny Qinglian poem, I do not know my heart like Jun heart, reincarnation has been a thousand years. This life you do not regret the nostalgia, I am still affectionate for you, smile smiles, promise of San Sheng III long-cherished wish.

Drizzle breeze, light v. Fleeting, warm season of spring. If the water clear, Xin Mo Ran, light rain cold sound slow. Between the thoughts, the March snow drift. You come from the Red in the wind, such as lotus elegant, such as Lan Jingxian. Smiling and smiling, soft my eyes, looking back for a moment, thousands of years. A curtain of dust, dancing who's snow dream? Mo on the flowers, you can slowly go back to carry on.

A heart sound, washed away the world dust. A ray of flowers soul, intoxicated a beautiful sad. A encounter, dumped the mountains and rivers. A read of perseverance, love different life and death with the points. Spring water condensate Bi, dumping several Ruyan. Fiber refers to the Red, thousands of reenex facial reincarnation into the War. Wish to be a heart, white head is not separated from each other. Listen to flowers, for you, to do the Millennium waiting. Suddenly look back, bloom the other side, fragrant snow sea.

Light smoke mist, darkness, the moon is like a cold, slow rain slow sound. Read past, empty as a dream, a pulse of deep condensed Tsui pupil. Cold wind, such as frost, King when the same time? Red a different, thousands of miles of marriage to pay desolate, Huang Liang a dream. Butterfly feather Yiyi like empty Meng, Fuqin a carved cage. Yin a ray of ink soul, skim dressed in Wan Yun, long blue valley Acacia cited. Lingbu flowers, Seduction fluttering, sniffing a charming Mei Fang, spectrum of a bargain long. Red sleeves glittering, 

A few back articles, Road to do a smoke. Jazz chord, carved two paragraphs lingering. Moon dance sleeves, ink stained Jiangnan, the wind from the point of worry about smoke. Qianqiu a dream, the dream reenex hk of the present, a persistent, Acacia into insanity. Qingyan Ruoshui, Linghua microwave Huan River yarn. Fog is not fog, flowers are not flowers, sweet smile drunk sleepless. A song from the war, can not sing Zhu Yan difficult to break. A pulse of love thoughts, look not wear autumn forever. Beautiful flowers, not more than the flow of life, if only as early as life.

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