It was the golden season.I could see the yellow leaves floating on the cool wind.In such a season,I liked walking alone in ehe leaves,listening to the sound of them.

Autumn is a harvest season and life id uninteresting.The free days always get me down.But one day,the sound of a violin flowed into my ears like a stream flowing in the mountains.I was so suprised that I jumped to see what it was.A young girl,standing in the wind,was last in playing her violin.I had never seen her before.The music was so attractive that I listened quietly.Lest in the music,I didn't realize that I had been standing there for so long but my existence did not seem to disturb her.

Leaves were still falling.Every day she played the violin in the corner of the building when I went downstairs to watch her performance.I was the only audience.The autunm seemed no longer lonely and life became interesting.Though we didn't know each other,I thought we were already good friends.I believes she also like me.

Autumn was nearly over.One day,when I was listening devotesly,the sound suddenly stopped.To my astonishment,the girl came over to me.

"You must like violin,"she said.

"Yes.And you play very well.Why did you stop?"I asked.

Suddenly, a sad expression appeared on her face and I could feel something unusual."I came here to see my grandmother.But mow I must leave.I once played very badly.It was your listening every day that encourage me."she said."In face,it was your playing that give me a meaningful autumn."I answered."Let eu be friends."The girl smiled and I smiled.

I never heard the play agin in my life.I no longer went downstairs to listen like before.Only thick leaves were left behind.But I will always remember the fine figure of the girl.She is like adream;so short,so bright,like a shooting star giving off so much light that it makes the autumn beautiful.

There are many kinds of friends.Some are always with you, but don't understand you.Some say only a few words to you,but are chose to you.Many people will step in yur life,but only true friends leave footprints.

I shall always recall the autumn and the girl with the violin.She will always bring back the friendship between us.I know she will slways be my best friend.