Who asked me to be glorious, for you concurrency together; who for my affectionate staring, so you a field to the end of time. Past life I for Polar M600 you under the window before a lotus, quietly greeted your eyes, you waved penny Qinglian poem, I do not know my heart like Jun heart, reincarnation has been a thousand years. This life you do not regret the nostalgia, I am still affectionate for you, smile smiles, promise of San Sheng III long-cherished wish.

Drizzle breeze, light v. Fleeting, warm season of spring. If the water clear, Xin Mo Ran, light rain cold sound slow. Between the thoughts, the March snow drift. You come from the Red in the wind, such as lotus elegant, such as Lan Jingxian. Smiling and smiling, soft my eyes, looking back for a moment, thousands of years. A curtain of dust, dancing who's snow dream? Mo on the flowers, you can slowly go back to carry on.

A heart sound, washed away the world dust. A ray of flowers soul, intoxicated a beautiful sad. A encounter, dumped the mountains and rivers. A read of perseverance, love different life and death with the points. Spring water condensate Bi, dumping several Ruyan. Fiber refers to the Red, thousands of reenex facial reincarnation into the War. Wish to be a heart, white head is not separated from each other. Listen to flowers, for you, to do the Millennium waiting. Suddenly look back, bloom the other side, fragrant snow sea.

Light smoke mist, darkness, the moon is like a cold, slow rain slow sound. Read past, empty as a dream, a pulse of deep condensed Tsui pupil. Cold wind, such as frost, King when the same time? Red a different, thousands of miles of marriage to pay desolate, Huang Liang a dream. Butterfly feather Yiyi like empty Meng, Fuqin a carved cage. Yin a ray of ink soul, skim dressed in Wan Yun, long blue valley Acacia cited. Lingbu flowers, Seduction fluttering, sniffing a charming Mei Fang, spectrum of a bargain long. Red sleeves glittering, 

A few back articles, Road to do a smoke. Jazz chord, carved two paragraphs lingering. Moon dance sleeves, ink stained Jiangnan, the wind from the point of worry about smoke. Qianqiu a dream, the dream reenex hk of the present, a persistent, Acacia into insanity. Qingyan Ruoshui, Linghua microwave Huan River yarn. Fog is not fog, flowers are not flowers, sweet smile drunk sleepless. A song from the war, can not sing Zhu Yan difficult to break. A pulse of love thoughts, look not wear autumn forever. Beautiful flowers, not more than the flow of life, if only as early as life.